Bio Force One


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Bio Force One

For the preparation of the germination substrate, apply and mix 50ml of germination, apply 150ml of BioForceOne fertilizer around the stem. The irrigation of the plantation is recommended after each use.

Physical and chemical composition:

Humidity: 30-55%; ph 7.2-8.3; Organic matter: 35-50%; Total nitrogen (nt): 0.8-2.5%; Phosphorus (P): 0.02-0.15%, Potassium (K): 1.0-2.0%; Calcium (Cal): 1.0-3.0%; Magnesium (Mg):0.1-0.5%; Iron (Fe): 0.2-1-2%; Manganese (Mn); 0.01-0.25%; Zinc (Zn): 0.007-0.04%; Copper (Cu): 0.01-0.05%.


The BioForceOne fertilizer is not toxic for plants, animals or humans. It must not be mixed with mineral oil, slaked lime, copper sulphate or calcium oxide. Follow the personal hygiene measures after each use. The BioForceOne fertilizer is not edible.


1. Incrreases production by 40-80% depending on the soil.

2. Boosts the plant’s immune system.

3. Protects the plant against the absorption of heavy metals.

4. Modifies the soil structure and repairs excessively chemicalized soils.

5. Increases the retention of water in the soil and decreases the amount of water used for irrigation.

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